Video interviews

  05th May 2021

As technology continues to play a larger role in our lives, video calling has become ever more popular as an alternative to phone calls and even text messaging. Likewise, video interviews have become a popular tool for managers to use within their hiring process. MadWall uses video interviews as a quick way to connect with applicants. Between the flexibility of using different software and the availability of our staff being available around the clock, video interviews offer both parties numerous benefits. And for the applicant especially - the comfort of doing the interview from home!

Most people nowadays either have a laptop, tablet or smartphone which allows them the capability to video call. Several software applications are free to use and easy to download and set up. The most common applications that we use include WhatsApp, Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, and Google Duo, but this does not stop us from using new applications in order to accommodate an applicant. Our main goal for introducing video interviews is to make the hiring process easier for the applicant and to not discourage them from applying to positions due to lengthy on-boarding and application processes. 

At the same time, our office is still open to applicants who want to complete in person interviews. We understand that although our intention for the video interviews is to make it easier for others, not everyone has the means to complete them. Another reason to still hold in person interviews is that we have recognized that some applicants are used to the hiring process used by other staffing agencies. It is normal for them to apply to a job and go in for a face-to-face interview before completing paperwork.