The Covid Realities of Staffing

  21st Apr 2021

With today’s world gripped in the Covid-19 Pandemic, staying safe and healthy is an ever-increasing effort. For us workers, every day is a challenge in this new world of rules and regulations. Staying six feet apart or wearing masks in the workplace can be challenging, but these are just a few things we now need to do to keep ourselves and those around us safe.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has also drastically changed many recruitments and hiring processes, such as new job interviews. In the past, we have been wired in what to expect when walking into an interview, such as a strong firm handshake, eye contact, body language, and more. All these tasks allow us to show our level of confidence, listening skills, learning skill, etc. To address this, corporations have shifted focus from in-person interviews to virtual interviews. Now, there are both positives and negatives in every change, as well as the change to interviewing. Taking a virtual interview today is a much easier task than in-person interviewing. Some of these positive changes can range from having only to travel to your kitchen, quicker interviews, and less setup time, having your important information at your fingertips, and sometimes even only dressing waist up. However, the negative is also present. We cannot longer give a long last first impression with a solid handshake or allow our body language to show we are interested and listening closely. Eye contact has become a challenge as well, as the only way to do this is if both parties stare directly into the camera, and not look at the streaming video. These items take away from many elements the interviewer is typically looking for in a solid candidate. As these changes are still recently new, corporations and us, need to get more creative to solve these issues. The good thing about these negatives is that we are all equally impacted so the chance of hiring should relatively stay the same.

The interview or onboarding process is not the only environment to change. Once we get hired on, we step into a whole new world of Covid-19 rules and regulations. Like many of us, we are not able to work at home, so we must show up at the job site and perform our daily tasks. This is a big challenge as most of our work involves working closely with others or handling items. Therefore, we are told to stay six feet apart, clean your workstation periodically, hand sanitize, and use masks when unable to keep the six feet. This, in turn, has even changed our ability to vocalize our work concerns to upper management as conferences and meetings are no longer conducted as they were. These changes are vast and can be physically and mentally exhausting. Corporations are doing their best in addressing the government’s new policies, but as mentioned, these changes are still new and sometimes hard to interpret without assumptions. This becomes a unique challenge for both.

We also find it very difficult to make some daily decisions such as calling a sick day with the new Covid-19 rules and regulations. We are told to stay home if we feel any symptoms related to Covid-19. However, as we all know, the symptoms are vast and vary. So, every morning we need to assess ourselves to ensure we are fit for work or if we need to call in for a sick day. These are not always easy decisions as sick paid days are limited for us. Unfortunately, it does become an ethical question in which we ultimately would decide to ensure the safer route to not put others at risk of infection. We must all work together and stay vigilant to do what we can to not bring the virus to work.

The MadWall APP is a tool that can be used to help us get through some of these challenges. The APP allows us to interview virtually, send paperwork hands-free, and quickly access important documents when needed. The APP also allows us to apply for jobs that best fit our preferences for wage, shift times, job longevity, and most importantly, it helps us pick a job we are comfortable with ensuring we are safe and healthy. The APP is a great tool to help us in our daily struggles coping with these new Covid-19 Rules and regulations.

Ultimately, we will get past this pandemic and will be in a better place. In the meantime, we should utilize as many tools as we can to help us in our daily struggles. These will help us mentally and physically balance these issues until the pandemic is controlled. The question that remains, however, is when will the Covid-19 pandemic end?